Getting the sack, it is yours: covid19 idioms


If you love the language of expressions, look Michael Barton’s book, It Is Raining Cats and Dogs, which has illustrated idioms. All illustrations in this article are extracts from the book by Michael Barton.

One of such expressions as, “getting the sack. It is yours”. This means losing your job.  In these coronavirus pandemic times, this is a handy expression. Instead of telling someone, you have been terminated.

Just tell them, come, and get your sack. Instead of the letter, give them the sack!

Then you can reply, “you are pulling my leg”, to mean you are joking.

More than ever before, you need the job during these tough times. So, the best response to someone giving you a sack is to pull their leg!

And later, you would say, when I asked him or her to get their sack, they replied why pull their legs. Little did I know that they had gone bananas! And you had to chicken out!

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