How and where to start a business?

Why are there so many people jobless? The answer…

They don’t know where and how to start a business. And those who have an idea are hunting for capital! You could join an entrepreneur or become one. Avoid jobs which make you relax too much in which case you don’t grow in terms of exposure and business acumen.

Start by asking: what is the biggest problem in my community? How can I solve this problem cheaply for people? Which people would be happy with the solution? Are they willing to spend some money to someone who fixes it? Who else is already providing a solution to this problem? Are people happy what they do? If not, then there is market I could tap into.

Is it a garbage problem? Is it washing clothes? Do they need a handyman for electricity or plumbing? If yes, how can my prospects get in touch with me?

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What strategy (game plan) can I use to get at least one client. Don’t just start any business. Do some background (business viability assessment) to determine whether the business has high chances of success. You need to have a habit of making decisions based on data not hearsay. Once you do that, you will become a great business person.

To start a business: (a) start with identifying people’s problems or pains; (b) do market research to determine whether someone else is providing the service and if you can do it better (c) assess how you would be competitive and (d) just do it.

I have realized that the best way to become an entrepreneur is to first work with one. If you don’t join them as a partner, you gain all the skills you need to become one. Either way, you go through the challenges of an entrepreneur earlier in your career which helps to harden you.

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