How resilient is your business?

Don’t get ready. Stay ready. That is the new normal.

No one remembers a safe journey. For the so many years, Ethiopian Airlines has successfully completed so many trips — in fact in millions. But no one remembers that. However, on that Sunday morning, as the rest were going about their business, just 10 minutes of airborne, the flight fell from the skies.

There were no survivors.

“Investigations show that something small led to the problem.
So many people lost their lives.
So many families will never be the same.
On that fateful day, risk materialized.”

So, what is the risk? Which kind of risks are you exposed to? How do you anticipate and manage risks to prevent such incidents from happening? Why is it that risk management must be an on-going process?

To this end, Minet Insurance Brokers has organized the 1st Breakfast meeting with manufacturing companies in Uganda. Come and be part of the CEOs to learn about how to avoid surprises.

Presented by Mustapha B Mugisa, Mr. Strategy, you will gain insights to change the way you do business. Good risk management practices deliver instant results. First, it is reflected in low insurance premiums paid. And you gain more clarity in your business.

See you there!!

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