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How to remain relevant

You probably spent over US $3,000 in 2015 alone feeding your stomach. How much did you spend on your brains?

The food for the brains are intellectual discussions with others – whether experts or not, children or adults or villager. You will always learn something new.

Speaking with the matron of the boarding school where I took my child yesterday, she said “I learn a lot speaking with these 10 year old, than I do with peers.” They are so brilliant that they always get from me what they want, when they want it.

She added “I am learning a lot from these folks how to negotiate better.” And she is right.

Another source of intellectual firepower is reading. Whatever you do, start reading. And then apply.

In your leisure, before you waste time on television (films), grab a copy of a business magazine or newspaper and solve the cross word puzzle. It helps keep your mind alert and therefore young.

Are you improving?

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