Is for real? How is it different from QuestNet

I need your indulgence. Is Qnet another Telex free or it is a good deal? I don’t believe in free things that is why

I need your indulgence. Is Qnet another Telex free or it is a good deal?

I don’t believe in free things that is why I never play lottery. I have worked very hard for any good thing I own. And the fraud examiner in me always says

“before you make more money, first protect the little you have.”

I have received several invitations to join multilevel marketing with promises of assured good life and wealth accumulation. I always ignore. When you examine carefully, you realize the person inviting you is struggling financially. How come this business you say will give me financial freedom is not working for you? But you cannot say. However, something strange happened yesterday. A man I respect very highly, an accomplished professional and elder told me about the wonders of I became curious and researched about this Qnet thing. It seems Qnet changed their strategy to marketing through prominent people. I don’t know whether some money is exchanged. You cannot tell.

After some Google searches, I’ve got to learn that Qnet is duping people, click here to read. One of the most telling insights is that:

“QuestNet and GoldQuest, multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that had shut shop in 2009 following police action are back with a bigger bang. They now call themselves QNet and [are] thriving in an environment where tens of thousands of Ponzis and MLM companies are able to lure people into believing that they have the formula to instant riches and a high growth career.” And that “The last time around, QNet was being evangelized by former World Billiards champ Michael Ferriera, as well as some former national cricketers. This time, it is being hard-sold by senior corporate executives, including heads of multinational companies, who have been forced to quit in the 40s and 50s, having fallen off the career ladder. Money life has received emails from several worried readers asking us to bring the “QNet scam” to the attention of regulators before it dupes their friends and relatives already ensnared by the hard-sell.”

Simply, Qnet and other multi-level marketing businesses strategy is to make a hard sell by hook or crook. Once they do so, they get the needed endorsement. The business model is such that you first have family and friends sign up, and then the circle continues. Often close friends signup just to ‘do a favor to a parent or friend’ and not on business basis. In the end, the founder of Qnet is making money.

Qnet business is premised on the fact that they are a sole source of certain specialized healthcare products. One of such product is air pure. The product is well described and branded that once you get to know of its existence you suddenly feel you cannot live without it! If you visit their website you will see a plethora of several other products. You cannot imagine that if those products indeed do work, how many hospitals would have stocked them.

To join, you must visit their website and register. Your registration is complete upon paying US $30 registration fee.

And that is not enough. To earn revenue, you must first buy one of their products so that you experience it. Once you do so, you must undertake aggressive marketing so that more people join through you. Only when the new entrants you have attracted to join buys a product from Qnet, you will earn a commission. And the cycle will continue.

In sales the easiest sale is with family, friends and coworkers. Qnet will encourage you to approach your friends and family so that they register. Remember, Qnet (formerly called QuestNet) earns US $30 from every new person on joining as membership fee. That is huge revenue to them. If they can get one million people opening an account that is a cool US $30m! Remember Qnet has no obligation with you on paying the initial account opening fee. And if you don’t spend more money buying any of their products, they won’t be obligated to you.

By selling ‘unique’ products, Qnet is trying to make their business legal. Keep in mind that the company is profitable by just having so many members paying US $30 and registering! And to be honest, it is difficult for you to return any of their products that it did not work as promised. It just gives ‘psychological’ healing similar to how traditional healers play with people’s intellect.

Qnet is not alone. There is another called It is so easy to join. We are seeing several companies coming up with multi-level marketing concepts. The bad thing is they are making some people known as role models to promote their products which I think in the long run could taint their reputation in case such businesses burst as we have witnessed with telexfree.

The similarities with all multi-level marketing companies is that they have invested heavily in marketing and are prepared to meet any one to have their business grow.

They are using an aggressive marketing strategy. Pay good money to known role models or elders e.g. politicians, religious leaders and celebrities and have attract their friends, followers and dependents to join with promises of financial success.

Because some of these people have already made some money through hard work, they easily attract others thinking that the business is indeed great.

We hope the regulators will soon weigh on this issue and help protect the unsuspecting public.

There is no easy route to success. Be careful with your hard earned money.

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