Is your colleague a SNAKE or a LADDER?

Out for a walk one morning, a workmate started explaining to a colleague how they hated their job. He explained that “I have been

Out for a walk one morning, a workmate started explaining to a colleague how they hated their job.

He explained that “I have been working for long hours, doing my best but my supervisor seems to only see the tasks that I have not done. What makes me mad is that I have never been openly appreciated. It is as if I am seen as another computer and not a person. I am tired of this place. I pity you who do not know the boss and will soon fall victim. I would encourage you to take it slow. You don’t have to come early to work. No one will ever notice.”

The colleague who had been listening intently asked a question: have you ever told your boss how you feel about the way they treat you?

To which she answered in the negative. “To be honest, I have never. My boss is so intimidating that I don’t think they can give me time to talk to them.”

“Make it a priority, go and ask for an appointment with your boss and have a chat. Life is too short to live it in regret of the things you should have done. It is good to tell me. But I may not help your career other than advising you to always complain to the right people at the right time. And for your information, I just love my job. I have worked previously in three different companies BUT never done what I truly love. Only this company has given me the opportunity to focus on what I studied and I love doing. So, maybe you may need to self-discovery.
Do you do what you love? Please think about it. If you love your job, don’t do anything else until you have a chat with the boss. Do it today.”

Is your colleague a snake or a ladder? If someone is happy when you are doing badly. They keep telling you to take it slow. Discouraging you from reading more to be the best in your job and industry. They always pick on your weaknesses and blow them up reminding you how you are inadequate. They talk badly about their supervisors and the company that gives them work in private. But keep quiet when in front of the entire team.

Be warned. Those are snakes you should keep away from. Go and hang around ladders. The people who challenge you to do the best. They share useful links to free online resources that they think are essential for your work. They encourage you to speak up when you have issues. They feel bad when you are not happy. They always challenge you to keep raising the bar. Being around ladders will take you to the top. Snakes will suck all the energy you need to thrive.

Never allow a snake face time as they are horrible people suffering from personal failures and frustrations. They cannot take you any further. Runaway from them.

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