Is your degree real? Can you support it

If you’ve anything you are selling, error on being practical. It is more effective than talking.

Many people can make promises. They can argue and talk a lot. And can be wise after the fact.

Very few people know what it takes to accomplish certain things.

The ability to do is what makes all the difference.

In March 2013, a young man aged about 25 years came to my office looking for a career in Computer Forensics. I was very impressed with his CV.  He had a Masters in Computer Forensics. He told me he had studied in the US. I did not bother about the details, I asked him to come over to our forensic lab for a discussion.

This guy knows about dressing to kill. I was impressed until I asked him to join me in the forensic lab.

As you know, to do forensics is not so about having lots of expensive tools.

In fact, you can do computer forensics as long as you have good write-blockers (I prefer Guidance hardware for this); and basic hardware to enable data extraction. I am comfortable with Encase, FTK and Paraben.

At our forensic training lab we use Paraben and Encase software.

Once in the lab, I asked him which computer forensic software he is comfortable with to which he replied: “Encase from Guidance.”

Ok, Encase is installed on that machine. Here is a hard disk drive (HDD) for testing purposes. Get for me all the deleted files; all images downloaded from the internet; and any document with the word ‘big eye.’ He fidgeted and could not do anything.

I asked him to write 1,500 words about windows forensics. He failed flat on this as well. I asked him to explain computer crime scene first responder procedures and crime scene management. He told me about “knives, physical evidence, and wrapping for court.” You would have been in that room to see how people can waste others time.

The moral of this incident is: not every one with a certification or degree is capable technically. So many online institutions can provide you with training, certifications and degrees also called on-line degree mills.  You need to train with good universities. That why they say, you are as good as the reputation of your teacher/s. Be careful with the institutions you go to for training.

With money, you can almost buy anything. And a degree is not spared. You can buy yourself a degree with money.

That is why I evaluate people based on their experience and not their papers. Everyone can get a paper. Very few, can support their papers.

I want those that are who they say they are. Can do the work.

Copyright Mustapha B. Mugisa, 2013 Your Success Partner.




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