Who keeps your feet on the fire?

Most of the time, we want to remove our feet from the fire. Our minds are configured to look for easy life. Anything that

Most of the time, we want to remove our feet from the fire. Our minds are configured to look for easy life. Anything that requires some persistence or effort, we want to run away from it. The setup of the human nerve and sensory systems are to alert the brains of any danger and take off away from them. That is true when it comes to hard work. It therefore requires deliberate effort and special conditioning to persevere.

When you step onto a hot stone, you want to quickly remove your feet. Just like when you step into fire, you want to remove the feet from there!

When it comes to your career, there are some ‘fires’ you have to go through before you find easy business or corporate life. You need to understand that the life fire must go through your feet. You cannot keep running away. Otherwise, if every place is burning, it means that you are going to stagnate, since you will keep running. You must have the heart of stepping onto a hot stone and keep your feet there.

Most of us psychologically have a weak mind. When we step onto something hot, we want to remove the leg quickly and look for a cold spot. But, life is about sustaining challenges. What kind of choices are you making in terms of people who guide you? To show you that life is not a joy ride on a country-side freeway, it is about identifying your forte and persisting there.

Successful people make decisions very fast and stick to them whereas average or mediocre people make decisions after a very long period of time only to change their decisions the following day.

So, which choice have you decided to take – keeping your feet on the fire or not? Not only that but also having a person who has experience of keeping their feet on the fire. Whatever comes, they persist until they get to the gold. I like the analogy which I watch on TV and social networks where a person who has been digging in the gold mining tunnel for long just gives up with a very small work remaining to reach the real gold.

What choices are you making? Remember, life is about making choices. The kind of choice of the company you bring in your life to guide you and keep your feet on fire will make a difference in your life. You need a mentor to help keep your feet on fire. To be your guiding post. To empower you as you go through the ups and downs of life.

Who keeps your feet on fire?



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