Leading change with right questions

It is a recommended leadership practice to get people to own new ideas for change to be swift. The best way to create team ownership of new initiatives is by asking the right requestions. This way, staff are encouraged to generate answers from which the initiatives may be derived.

However, what happens when questions are too difficult to be answered? Below are two of the common questions leaders ask.

1) What is the top 10 list of activities to winning a new client?
2) What is the top 10 list of activities to retaining and gaining more business from an existing client?

It is not easy to score goals. That is why there are few strikers. However, the team should have ideas on how to get the ball to the strikers. That way, teamwork is achieved. It is not easy if at all possible, to have a striker collect the ball from the keeper and score on his or her own.

You need defenders, mid-fielders and fellow strikers to score. Business is like sports. People must work together to win easily.

So, if this question was asked to you, what would be your answer? Leave your comments below. Otherwise, if you ignore selling, you will soon have no money to take home.

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