Learn public Speaking this Holiday and thrive

Do you want to transform your career and become a leader who inspires? Here is your opportunity to learn public speaking this Christmas.

First I need to know about your current skills level and primary profession.

Here is your simple task. I am sure you shall enjoy while doing it.

1) Identify a topic of your interest
2) Write 200 words about the topic of your choice
3) Record yourself on a smartphone – 2 – 4 minutes max.
4) Send me the video – WhatsApp +256782610333.

Also do share with me your CV.

And your areas of interest. What are your top 2-5 topics you would like to speak about? What is your target audience?

Based on your responses, I will consider whether to conduct online coaching for you.

I have three different packages or options:

Option 1:
6 months program – – 30 minutes per week Skype/WhatsApp chart and 5-10 minutes call (at your cost). We agree on a time. The course covers everything about making powerful presentations, speech writing, etc.

Option 2:
Pay per class –per 30 minutes session – WhatsApp, Skype/Email or Phone. You stop when you are done with my help… You buy 60 minutes of my time in advance.

Option 3:
Face to face – once weekly (7 am to 8 am) – for 10 hours to be fully ready. I will give you weekly tasks to help improve your skills. The difference here we talk face to face, and I guide you in practice as I demo to you how I do it.

Either option is life-changing… You will be transformed. You pay in advance via mobile money based on your option chosen.

You have the option of paying Ugx. 1m, and receiving ALL tools and templates I use to make money in speaking – including marketing tools and end of corporate training reports.

This is your package to start your business in 2020. Please note the service I provide is the confidential basis behind the curtain. I am offering a 30% discount to the first 10 students. And you can book for any time in 2020 before January 10th, 2020. This is your best opportunity to learn from me.

Are you a manager or a CEO? Do you want to thrive? This is an opportunity for you. Do you want insights to grow in your career? Stop lingering for long in middle and lower management. Join my private mentorship and gain strategic focus and improve your chances of climbing the corporate ladder. This offer is also great for entrepreneurs who want to thrive as great leaders in their businesses.

For pricing, contact me.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2019. All rights reserved.

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