Lessons from the #covid19 lockdown

Kampala: 26th May 2020 – People can now finally leave home and go to mind about their work and businesses. This coronavirus lockdown experience has been very humbling and full of lessons. As the world starts to gradually re-open for business, what lessons have you learned?

According to John Lennon, “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see…” Ugandans have been under lockdown, and one would say, “living with eyes closed.” And no one can say we have been understanding what we hear and see! Now here we are, the economy is re-opening slowly.

But so many things have changed. Below are some lessons learned:

  1. Saving is critical. You must always keep some money aside for the rainy day. No one knows the time when you will need cash.
  2. East, West, home is best. Give priority to your family and friends. Create a great environment at your home. Make it a priority going forward.
  3. Have a good relationship with your neighbors. You need their support during the tough lockdown days. If you have understanding neighbors, it is easy to share and help one another
  4. Food is essential. Focus on relationships in everything you do. Be in good books with Boda Boda riders near your home. They come handy when you need someone to make deliveries. Make the market food vendor your buddy. Have their phone number. All you need is to call them for any food deliveries you need, and you will have home deliveries
  5. When in doubt, stay at home. Put off the news, and relax
  6. It is good to take a slow outlook on life. However busy you pretend to be, you cannot create a new minute. So, just chill and relax. Things will fall in place.
  7. There is always someone more powerful
  8. There is nothing that beats friendships and relationships. Give a hand to those in need.

What more lessons have you learned from this pandemic necessitated lockdown?

Please share it below.

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