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Life. It’s full of trials. The story of the limbless girl

My barber is a quiet man for a reason. When I asked him “how is your family? How many children do you have? Are they ok?” He opened up and could not stop. Here is his story.

“I have four kids. My first born was when I was 17. She now lives with the mum, who moved on. My current wife blessed me with a boy and girl. We wanted only two. But fate! God blessed us with a girl that cannot talk and walk. I’ve read everything there is only psychology. How to predict her next move. She is now 10 yrs. When she needs a long call. She will slap herself twice? If you are not looking and it is forth time, she will have done it on herself. And that is a whole day of moods.

I’ve been like this for 10 years. She needs a lot of special care. Other people complain about their kids not walking only. That is fair enough. Mine neither walks nor talks. It’s double jeopardy. When that voice cannot come out, you realize how blessed you’re. And there is no price for your legs. To go wherever you want when you feel like it. What she lacks went to the heart and face. She is gorgeous with strong heart. The future husband will be lucky.” How did it come to that?, I probed. “She was a pre-mature birth child. At the referral hospital, she was tended to by students. We were informed that she could have been given an overdose of drugs that affected her brains and spine. We take it as fate. And that is why I work hard to make her happy. We had to get the 3rd kid. And boy, she is a beauty. God’s ways are unique. I must ensure I shave a minimum of 20 people to earn enough commission to look after the kids. It makes me wake up early.”

Be thankful with what you’ve.

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