She likes, he likes: what your partner’s activity on social media means

You don’t need to look very far to know what your partner could be up to lately. Thanks to social media especially Facebook, Twitter

You don’t need to look very far to know what your partner could be up to lately. Thanks to social media especially Facebook, Twitter and Whatsup, folks can now gain almost 100% access into their partner expectations of them by just following what they ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ online.

Let’s take a hypothetical case of Mary. If she consistently “likes” all well-toned, energetic musclemen on Instagram, whenever posted it could be a pointer that Mary likes men with such muscles, shapes, size and tone.

One ‘like’ by Mary on the photo could be ok – may be it was a mistake. Another ‘like’ of a similar post from same or different account, could point to something. More than three ‘likes’could be a pointer to a key interest. For the initiated, understanding one’s intent is critical before you lose it. In murder cases, “aforethought” is a key ingredient and could (always will, if proved beyond reasonable doubt) get one the maximum sentence.

The act of consistent “liking” of photos or posts with particular “body shape”, “person”, “style”, may point to something beyond a mistake! It could mean Mary’s heart and soul desires that one.

Sometimes you may not be communicating well. And maybe she hopes you will snoop around (that is why she accepted your social network connection in the first place) so that you see what her heart desires. May be she wants a well-toned-up man or woman(why not?) like the one she has just “liked” on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram or other social sites. Better wake up.

The ladies are not alone.

If he “likes” all bootylicious (artificial or otherwise) images of ladies on Facebook or any social forum, take note. Unlike a ‘spam’ email or sms, that just pops up in your in box. A “like” has an action. The eyes must see, the brain internalizes and sends a message that click “like” on this one.  In some cases, the “like” is followed by a comment. That usually implies the heart could also have been involved… which is a risky thing indeed in relationships speak.

Do not get me wrong. Some people post quality analysis and original articles, illustrated by a picture/ image. A like on such an article could be acceptable.

However, it is common to find a person liking anything a certain person posts – even when the post is completely rubbish from a professional perspective and your understanding of the level of education and training of a certain person who has “liked” the post.And then the on-going “liking” of posts that raise issues which the partner would not openly raise and discuss with their spouse. Sometimes they just “like” the author. Is that ok? In that case, use your brains and the context.

And with globalization, if a lady “likes” another lady’s posts don’t feel relieved as yet. Likewise, if a man “likes” another man’s posts consistently, don’t lose your guard. On social network, anything can happen. You know well about ebisiyaga.

Liking posts is good and will continue. There is a difference between insights and gossip. Get concerned when one likes everything posted just to get noticed by the other person, that they “liked” their post.Welcome to social media!

By Mustapha B Mugisa, Improving Your Condition. Mustapha helps individuals and organizations improve their status-quo with pragmatic advice. Email:

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