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Live a worry free life insights with Mustapha B Mugisa, part 1.

Today’s insight is about focus

To succeed in your business or career, focus on the results not the process.

Many people are always obsessed about methodologies, approaches or the process. Remember all these are just a means to an end. What exactly are the intended results? And what is the easiest way to attain the specified results?

Succeeding in business is about attaining the desired results in the shortest time and least cost possible.

Before you do any activity, ask your client or immediate boss the following:

What exactly are the desired results? When do you need the results? How will you measure effective performance? Or what will show that the results you need have been attained.

As a consultant, asking the above questions helps gain clarity of the tasks at hand and to devise effective ways to deliver the intended results. It is not about the process. It is about the results.

Such approach to your job will make you more valuable to your supervisor than most employees who come to work without an idea of what they must accomplish before the end of the day.

Remember, it not about the process. It is about delivering the desired results.

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I remain, Mustapha B. Mugisa– your success partner. 

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