Marriages are some of the very good institutions you can join. Some people say marriage is a bad institution. That is their opinion. As I have always said, life is about making choices. Many times, we want to bring our points of view and impose them onto others. Like mothers of faith, marriage is your personal choice.

You should start thinking about marriage if family background and culture value a married person as more responsible and serious. Most importantly, when it comes to marriages, you have a lot of time when you are still young until you marry. You have to use this time to make the right decision so that the person you get in with is a better fit. The story of marriages that have broken down reveals one thing in common. First marriage choices are better than second or third ones.


Like mothers of faith, marriage is your personal choice.


Assuming you have not yet married and marry for the first time, the chances of staying together are higher. The rate of divorce in the first marriages is lower than in the second marriages. This means that if someone was married and divorced, then marries another person, the rate of divorce is high for the second marriages.

When you go to the third marriages, the rates of divorce are higher than in the second marriage. The cycle continues. This gives us one thing. Do not hurry. Get the best fit so that your weaknesses are compensated by your partner. If you are not good at cooking, you need not to look for a person who is equally not good at that area. Look for partner who is great at cooking so that the bond keeps you together.

When I was still young, my grandfather told me one thing which was very important and I hope it will help you that ‘if you. He told me “if you have a friend and do not know how they benefit from you, run away.’ Friendship is about give and take. I welcome you today to make the right choices in your life.

Remember, marry young. Don’t delay on the basis of first making money. It is never enough!

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