#Mindspark 1: Your year of positive habits

It is 1st January 2020. Congratulations! Let’s walk this year together. This day is special. It also marks the start of the new year

It is 1st January 2020. Congratulations!

Let’s walk this year together. This day is special. It also marks the start of the new year and decade, 2020 – 2029.

If you have not yet drawn your personal strategy, do it this week. As they say, imagination is more important than knowledge. I hasten to add, informed action is more important than all of them. Get a piece of paper, a pen and write. For you in the dot come era, open your notes app.

Here is how to go about it.

Start by listing ALL your current major opportunities on a piece of paper. Given your family background, talent, skills, education, age and environment, what opportunities do you see you can tap into this year.  Out of the list generated, pick the top most three opportunities that you think you would easily execute and win. Since no (wo)man is an island, try to establish who your top stakeholders are – partner, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, children, employer? Who are your key stakeholders? Check out with them. In addition to discussing about your identified opportunities, ask them “how would they define your success? To say that you are the best, what would they want to see?”

Next, on the other side of the paper, write all the challenges you think are stopping you from tapping into the opportunities available. Try as much as possible to write the challenges in one statement in the format of cause and effect. For example, limited capital due to poor record keeping has led to my business stagnation. OR poor health due to poor eating habbits has reduced my chances of getting a good job. Etc.

Make this year of winning habits. What is your morning routine? I encourage you to try as much as possible to: a) read a book a month; b) eat a Sunday meal together as a family; c) meet a new person per week for your career or business success. For a), change your schedules. Try to go to bed by 11 pm, so that you are up by 5 am sharp. Those are six full hours of sleep. Read a chapter in your book for the month, and spare 20 minutes to write down the key learning outcomes, specifically, what you will do based on the lessons learned.

In my post tomorrow, we shall try to explore how to identify strategic choices and possibilities to win.

NB: Do you to demand, I will take on 10 people as their accountability partners. If you are interested and you need someone to help you execute your personal career plan, drop me a message.

Copyright Mustapha Bernabas Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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