My summary of HE National Adress on COVID19 (14th April 2020, 1PM) 1

COVID19 transmission chain can be broken by effective preventative behaviour change The carelessness of some Ugandans us what may fuel the further spread of
  1. COVID19 transmission chain can be broken by effective preventative behaviour change
  2. The carelessness of some Ugandans us what may fuel the further spread of the virus.
  3. HE recapped the 34 recommendations. (personal side note: 73,000 education institutions were closed- resulting in 15m students being sent back home)
  4. Gen Katumba has been instructed to conduct a study Bicycle usage in the context of Bodaboda usage restrictions.
  5. A total of 5,664 tested only 54 positives with car
  6. **4,015 returnees from abroad
  7. **1,232 contacts of the returnees
  8. **402 were part of the alert group (persons who volunteered for testing due to symptoms)
  9. A total of 372 transport operators at the Malaba border point have tested NEGATIVE
  10. Uganda is flattening the curve.
  11. **In epidemiology, the idea of slowing a virus’ spread so that fewer people need to seek treatment at any given time is known as “flattening the curve.
  12. Follow up of the 18,000 people who entered the country but we’re not destined and gained access to the public is still undergoing.
  13. The following potential areas of viral transmission are land border points, cargo trucks and crews, train and their crews, aircraft and crews, UN workers, health workers who treat COVID19 patients and these are going to be strengthened moving forward.
  14. The Lockdown has been extended for another 21days. All previous measures will stay in place for another 21days
  15. Asymptomatic carriers can remain infective for up to 34 days, with this context, some returnees are still at large and therefore an additional 21days would provide the necessary days to hopefully burn out the virus and break the chain.
  16. The Public has been discouraged from assaulting security officers implementing the emergency recommendations as they may be repelled with live “firepower” where needed.
  17. Food vendors that are sleeping at the market have been provided with mosquitoes nets and other protective materials against weather elements, furthermore, city councils have been advised to conduct vector prevention activities like fumigation for areas surrounding food markets. This exercise should be extended to areas where truck drivers gather
  18. Distribution for the vulnerable groups previously identified will continue as before for the next 21days. He re-emphasized that the Food Distribution program is not part of the anti-poverty initiative.
  19. The President thanks Ugandans on their adherence to the “tough” measures that are being implemented as we fight the COVID19 in Uganda
  20. India is going to supply is with the hydroxychloroquine (a drug that has demonstrated beneficial effects in the treatment of COVID), furthermore, India will also provide raw materials to enable Uganda produce this medicine locally.
  21. Relaxation of restrictions will be announced sequentially and systemically in the next 21days.
  22. He read out notable donations to the COVID Taskforce. (Full list in his speech), however, of special mention was a Mr Katongole, a Bodaboda rider, who contributed 10,000/-
  23. The government won’t be able to pay loans for citizens, however, they will negotiate with the banks on how to work closely with their clients. He told the banks not to charge clients with loans during this lockdown period
  24. The President doesn’t want to see any security officers with “kibokos”.
  25. Bodaboda restrictions on the time limit of 2 pm are going to be revised.

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