Pay attention in class: Qualities of winning children Part 4

It means you must listen in class whenever the teacher is teaching. Focus. Pay attention to the teachers. Be attentive and listen so that you don’t disturb the rest.

It means you need to take notes as your listening to the teacher. You have to put the teacher’s words in your permanent memory. This means you practice after the lesson.

You have to aim higher, the best in class and that means you must work hard.

To be amazing, to be ahead of others.

There is no pain without gain and hard work pays. Remember that always when things seem difficult. Click To Tweet

There is something very important and it is to go to Heaven. Before you go there, first go there while on earth. That means being the best. Winning. And gaining opportunities to succeed. Then doing good. That way you prepare your future well.

Thank you and just remember that your mind is your greatest weapon.

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