People support what they help create

If you want to learn something new interact with your senior or young children. The innocence of chilling and a worry-free approach to life

If you want to learn something new interact with your senior or young children. The innocence of chilling and a worry-free approach to life allows them to try new things and, in the process, make mistakes that act as great learning points. Old folks have seen all and have nothing to worry a lot. They share insights that would take one 10 to 30 years to learn. Always a pleasure to be in such a company.

Since March 2020, the children have been at home, and any serious parent had to devise a way to keep them busy. Enter the home school.

The timetable

At first, I sat down alone and drew a timetable for the home school. Implementing the timetable was a tug of war. After two months of struggling to have the children stick to the timetable, I became frustrated. And that is when I thought of the help of my assistance, my wife. Being a former teacher at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), the deputy Headmaster at the home school is more skilled than I.

DO it yourself timetable

Mrs. Mugisa does not joke and the children know it. I was in my quiet home office and I heard her summon the children to report to the living room, which now doubles as the classroom. “Get a piece of paper, a ruler, and a pen. Write your name on top. And then list all the subjects you study at school. Circle all the subjects you consider difficult for you and therefore you need extra time to revise them. Then count the subjects and draw a reading timetable like this.”

I heard her say to them.

Usually, when I am teaching the children tend to make noise and move up and down. It is difficult o get these kids to settle. For that day, everyone was quiet and attentive.

I went to see what was happening. I found the class in progress. Peeped and just smiled. I left.

After the session, each child brought to me the timetables that they had drawn themselves! It is was fantastic. Suddenly they knew what to revise when, and the timing for the next class.

From then on, they remind me of the upcoming subject. And if the class delays for another subject, I am reminded of what is supposed to be next.

Now I believe in the leadership mantra, “People support what they help create.” If you want people to support the company initiatives, make them part of the action. If you are having trouble executing your company strategy, bring the right people to the table, and ask them to craft the strategy. If you want teamwork and cohesion, give people a challenge and ask them for a solution.

People support what they help create. If you want ownership of new initiatives, allow people to be part of it. Hit: do not prescribe the solutions to them. Give them the vision, the targets, and ask them to define the challenges and solutions.

That is what gives motivation. Remember, paying more money read salary to demotivated employees get you demotivated employees who are highly paid. That is double to the problem. Focus on empowering them to be part of the solutions.

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