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Topic 1: Don’t get ready, stay ready.

This talk is ideal for the Board of Directors and Top Management Team. It is a three – hours duration. It is a very interactive talk, featuring lots of exercises and teamwork. Even if members are sleepy after a heavy lunch meal, once Mustapha starts the sleep will disappear through the window and get replaced by high-energy and laughter.

By the end of the talk, participants learn:

1. The relationship between corporate strategy and risk management. [Mustapha provides clarity of the linkages for effective governance so that leaders avoid surprises while pursuing strategic opportunities]
2. How risk management is a source of innovation in businesses and why the current practice of managing risks is terrible as it focuses on problem-solving.
3. Why generic risk categorization as “Strategic,” “Operational,” etc. are misleading and what is the best risk universe and categories aligned to strategy
4. What risk appetite is and the role of the Board, SMT, and Staff in risk management agenda
5. Why unstructured risk management leads to business failures
6. Structured risk management processes as per ISO 31000:2018 – the method defined and application in place. – establishing context, risk assessment (risk identification, analysis, and evaluation), risk treatment, and risk acceptance.
7. Risk scales – how to define event likelihood and impact – to get a risk score for effective risk management
8. Credit risk management and risk policy framework in banks (or your organization)
9. Risk culture and governance
10. actionTEAM Governance, Risk, and Compliance Software that automates risk management demo. Here Mustapha demos a custom software to automate risk processes instead of keeping an MS Excel risk register that tends to be outdated.

Given Mustapha’s hectic schedules, please provide 30 days’ notice. For critical engagements, Mustapha can be available at 2-5 days’ notice, but this comes with an emergency surcharge of 30% on top of the standard fees.

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