Succeeding without formal Education

Educated or not, if you can read or write, you have a minimum foundation to earn a living. You have no reason to just

Educated or not, if you can read or write, you have a minimum foundation to earn a living. You have no reason to just sit.

The starting point is being a person of high moral standing and trustable. Next is acquiring hands-on or practical skills. People are always looking for house helpers, electricians, drivers, secretaries, car cleaners, people to send for errands or to the market, gate keepers, people to wash clothes, typists (especially for very busy people), Graphic designers, Camera men, sales persons, aides, people to drop and pick kids from school, etc. As long as they know you trustable and genuine, you have high chances of getting close to the person who needs your services. If you attend church; you are step closer to great people than you think. All you need is for them to know you exist, you can be trusted, and you have hands-on skill set.

Your first step is to find someone of high moral standing who can recommend you. This is because powerful people prefer to associate with powerful people. People listen to and do business with people whom they trust. If you can be recommended by a respectable leader, you are closure to networking with the best. When I was doing strategy execution support services to one of the regions’ top Insurance companies, the CEO I was working closely with often asked me for any two or three names of the people I knew who are good in finance or marketing. Most of the time, the names I gave her were often contacted and given an offer right away. The other formalities like pre-employment screening, background checks, references, interviews etc. were always done as a formality after the job has already been offered and the person has reported for work. Many companies or organizations can tolerate some incompetence if the person is trustable and humble. No organization can teach trust or humbleness. If you have these, you possess critical skills to succeed. All you need is exposure, networks and referrals.

You need a plan. Identify people who others trust and like to associate with. And ensure they get to know who you are. Let them know you are humble, trustable, God fearing and very hands-on.

The starting point is to volunteer. Come every evening and ask for example, Church leaders to help say in cleaning the church. You could volunteer to clean a nearby school. At least try to be recognized by someone you would like to notice you. Try to be useful so that people feel comfortable in your company. Of course there are some people who come pretending to be helpful. And after say one year or two, they disappear. Others when they get the opportunity, they forget and reveal their true colours by disappearing. That is why being trustable and a person of integrity is key. You cannot sustain success or remain happy by duping people. You will soon need the favour. Focus on being consistent, trustable and not a target schemer.

When you have great skills you need a reference, someone who can tell others that they know you are a great person, being involved in all voluntary activities in the community. Ensuring that people see your selfless indulgence is key.

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