Take action to Transform

You will not lose weight by watching aerobics on TV as you eat chips and chicken in your sitting room. If you want to lose weight, stand up and start working out.
A simple walking around your home can do wonders than spending a whole day watching motivation talks.
When it comes to career development, take proactive action. Don’t wait for a job advert. Identify the company of your interest, research about it and write a paper that demonstrates your skills to add value. Address the letter to the chief executive officer, and copy the Human Resources Manager.

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I know from experience every leader is on the lookout for anyone with exceptional skills and talent. People want team members who can make their weight light. The CEO has challenges of revenue generation and cost management. They want innovative ideas. People who will give them fresh air. Reduce the load on their sholdiers so that they have more time to play golf.

Is your life feeling like it is moving slower than usual? Get out and do something. Jog. Write that application. Search online about winning at job interviews or new ideas to become outstanding in your work. Read new books. Meet new people and go to new places. Whatever you do, act.

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