Task for Media Productions Executive applicants

Thanks for your interest in working at Summit Consulting Ltd. We are a team of experts who specialize in digital forensics, business advisory and cyber security for private and public companies in the region. We aim at improving the client’s condition.

To be interviewed, you need to demonstrate practical skills in videography and or animation for the high-end corporate clients. You have the following task to do within the next 3 days:

Set up:

We are making a TVC for our fraud management service line.

A company with staff who are committing fraud cannot grow as any profit made is stolen by the staff. Such is called productivity leakages. It comes in the form of (i) coming to work late; (2) Laziness- someone does work for 8 hours which would have taken one hour to do; (3) using company Internet for private errands; (4) spending too much time on the computer watching videos on YouTube which have no value to the business; (5) stealing company information by using their private cloud emails, etc.

As other staff work hard, the few who commit such crimes cause leaks which means that any advantage is lost. It is like a leaking boat cannot balance on water for long.

As you work hard to remove the water to keep it afloat. The water soon leaks into the boat. To float, you must keep removing the water. No resting. Such is what happens to a company which has lazy staff, incompetent staff, or fraudsters. They cause leaks.

It is like if you fill a basin or jerrycan with water. If it has a hole, it will keep leaking. However you continue filling it up, the leak will make the jerrycan empty.

So, you need summitANTI-FRAUD experts to help fix the leak.


Make a video that demonstrates the above and send to ecommerce[at]summitcl[dot]com.

You have 3 days to do that. You can make a video, animation or any other tool that can easily demonstrate the above within 45 seconds or at worst within 1 minute and 20 seconds. The shorter, the better.

We wish you success

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