The best of WhatsApp: Dear Parents,

There is no way a kid will sit down with a stranger to discuss what challenges they are going through. The modern-day parent is

There is no way a kid will sit down with a stranger to discuss what challenges they are going through. The modern-day parent is a total stranger to their children. Once the maternity leave is over, the parent and the child are separated forever. She goes back to work…The child is entrusted with a maid who can’t be trusted with the house. You lock your bedroom to protect your valuables but leave the baby with the maid!…

You come home in the evening very tired, with no time to spend with the kid. At one and a half years, the kid is taken to baby care institutions. The kid is left there in the morning till evening when the parents are back. You pick him up to take him home when he is asleep. Over the weekend, you are at the salon or the clubs. The cycle continues until the kid is in class 3 when they are whisked to boarding schools. Over the vacation, you organise tuition for the kids up to the last week. You only take them out for fun on the final weekend before they go back to school. That day we had no peace in social media. You splash photos all over with stupid tags # madfun …

The cycle continues until the young one goes to High school. Then you expect the teachers to perform a miracle. By now, you are at the top of the corporate ladder. You worked so hard to get there. But your son or daughter is a thug. You will spend all the money you accumulated and the rest of your time in rehabilitation centres for those kids. Believe what you want but the family structure was not meant to be a democracy where you share everything 50:50.

It is the responsibility of the father to provide for the family.


It is the responsibility of the mother to bring up the kids and keep the family together.

That’s not going to change just because everyone is educated. Let everyone do their job or we shall spend a lifetime solving problems we created.

It is school closure time.

It is the mood that you are going to receive your sons and daughters from boarding school that will determine how much you will learn on what is making their grades go down daily.

I want to bring to your attention that there is a lot of harmful learning taking place in school dorms. Homosexuality is the order of the day in boys’ dorms,  lesbianism is the order of the day in girls’ dorms, and there is silent bullying that has made your son or daughter remain plump of late. There are a lot of drugs the students are using in dorms.

With all these sometimes one wonders if we should have boarding schools if they are agents of all this, anyway

Make him or her your good friend, and check the types of tattoos she or he is having on different parts of his/her body because most of our children have been introduced to devil worship while in high school.

As a parent,  you are responsible for the good future of your child.  Make this holiday meaningful in terms of change of behaviour for your son or daughter, do not just be harsh to them about their grades just because you want them to get the A mean grade and lose out on the real meaning of life,  also be particular about their future life.  Let him/her not get an A and die a drug addict, and make the grades they get become meaningful in their future life.

Provide an opportunity for them to speak out.

Send to other parents

My regards,

Happy holidays to your children

Note: I received this article on my WhatsApp mobile as a forward. I do not write it. And I don’t know the original author/s. The article will teach you a lesson, and that is why I am sharing it. If you share, add this disclaimer.

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