The birthday

To all my social media friends. Thanks for the birthday messages. Some of you made it special – you sent me a handwritten message digitally. Here you first handwrote the message on a piece of paper. You took a photo of it. And sent it to me via WhatsApp.  I enjoyed such messages. It is good to know someone not only thought about you. They took time to do something about it.

I also enjoyed the customized messages via LinkedIn mostly. You did not just send the ‘template’ message. You thought about me and sent a message that is addressed to me and specific.

Age indeed makes us all wiser.

Throughout all my education and career, I was always been among the smallest and youngest in the team. From primary 1 to Secondary, to MBA class at MAK. I was always the smallest. Now things have changed.

Now here I am, an old man!

It is a great gift, which I cannot take for granted.

Thanks to my wife, Audrey, for the wine and very good cake (I don’t have a digital solution yet to share these goodies on social networks). And to you all for the messages yesterday.

Life is about friendships. We are all social animals. As we grow old, we realize, it is not about money. Or cars. Or houses. Or qualifications. Or job titles.  But the kind of people that are around you in good times or bad. And you, my friends, are my inspiration.

And to my other family, the summitTEAM. I love the daily effort. The commitment. The ever-present passion to keep rising the bar.

As I learned in Church, “there is no promised land, without having first gone through the desert.” You must first toil to achieve. You have to first cook the food in order to get it ready for consumption. You must first plant seeds in order to harvest. You must first practice in order to achieve better results in any competitive game. That is how life works.

All I can say to you is focus on small milestones to keep moving. That is how progress is achieved.

I thank you once again for your birthday wishes.

You make me happy.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2019. All rights reserved.

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