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The covid19 success habits

How are you winning during the lockdown? Times have been tough for everyone. What you are probably going through is like what all people who run a marathon go through.

They all start the race at the same time. As the race progresses, some runners start falling off. This is always expected. It is having never happened that all runners who start a marathon complete it. Never.

However, those who complete saying, they felt like giving up, only that they saw that other runners were equally struggling. This means, at some time during the run, folks that win are those with more staying power and the spirit to persist instead of the energy to run. It is the heart not the body, that pushes one to continue moving, even when the body sends the signal that it has reached its break-up point.

The same thing is happening to many of us during this lockdown.

Now is not the time to give up. You must focus to win.

Here is a simple exercise for you.

For the next 90 days, what will be your daily habits? What are the top 2-3 tasks you will do to improve your life daily without fail?

  1. Read or listen to a chapter in a personal improvement book?
  2. Write a blog article?
  3. Do daily exercises or run a kilometre? Or walk a kilometre?
  4. Call a friend for networking… or share a proposal
  5. Add more here…

Do not just sit, try to progress.

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