Crossing the Ethical Boundary: The Four Steps Model, M.R.C.O

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Managing any business requires having a dedicated team of professionals. The minimum quality of a great staff is good morals. The second one is ethics. However, it is increasingly becoming difficult to find people with high moral standards who are ethical.

So; what is ethics? What are morals?

Most bad people do not become bad overnight. They first flirt with the idea of crossing the ethical line, even when morally they know it is wrong. Small ideas lead to small steps, which lead to larger ones. No repercussions. Gain more control, and the lines are blurred. And that is how someone makes it a habit.

Our topic this evening is “Crossing the Ethical Boundary.” You will learn about the four steps model, M.R.C.O (read ‘mister co’), of how good staff commit fraud and cross their boundaries.

Our speaker, Mustapha B. Mugisa, is one of those rare people who can say an investigator, author and speaker and mean it. He is the President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Uganda Chapter. He has investigated over 40 fraud cases in the region and written many anti-fraud articles. He delivers over 50 keynotes annually at key conferences on topics in governance, strategy and investigations.

Mustapha is the also Secretary of the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda and Technical Advisor and Board Member of the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS).

There four steps fraudsters go through prior to committing fraud. If you master them, you will become twice a better leader than you came in. You will be able to prevent fraud before it happens!

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