The lies we tell ourselves

When you think about something so often, you may forget and think it is real. That is what happens when someone continues to lie

When you think about something so often, you may forget and think it is real. That is what happens when someone continues to lie to themselves.

It starts by applying and attaining a one week or one-month certificate at a prominent University. Then you start calling yourself an alumnus of that prestigious University. Then you indicate on your academic documents you obtained a certificate, degree, and other qualifications. And suddenly you tell friends you were at that university for several years and even became a student leader there. Some people graduate to the level of explaining how they were active in class and would often lead group discussions never mind someone could have just raised a hand once to answer a question in class.

An online one-week certificate becomes a degree attained after three years of study and a rich resident University life.

Stop lying to yourself.

Put in the hours and the hard work.

Attending a short course or certificate from a University may not qualify one as a true alumnus. You need to first undergo training at the University for a 2-3 year course and write several exams. Interact fully with members of your class and the faculty so that they know you and can remember you. Be known by at least 20% of the class population or more.

Be identified for some sport or academic firepower or something unique for example as a debater or something. Have your name in the student yearbook or some school or University publication other than the list of course participants.

Do not lie to yourself.

Do not be like some other people who attend a meeting which the President or some other celebrity or prominent person attends, and they go around saying they know the prominent person and attended meetings with them. Such people will say when we were at a certain function, big person so and so, asked me for a favour or he confided in me or he offered to appoint me on a big job! Attending the same event does not make the big person know you.

There are so many lies people tell themselves daily which unfortunately become truth to them, which could be career-damaging and catastrophic, especially when subjected under a critical eye.

Help yourself and tell the truth. Only the truth will help take you to greatness.

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