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Three measures to secure confidential data

During my conversation with my managing director, Mustapha B Mugisa, he asked, “what does confidential information mean to you?” The key investment any company has is its intellectual information.

He added on that data security is important area of concern for the kind of business we do. As consultants, we collect a lot of confidential client data and it is our responsibility to keep it secure (confidentiality, intefity and availability).

Information should only go to the intended persons. “As members of my team, I will able to trust you only if you do not leak out our intellectual property, our customers’ information and private company records,” he emphasized.

He further explained three strategies to ensure that company intellectual investment doesn’t fall to the wrong hands:

  1. Control access to your computers and files

Ensure that you restrict access to your computers and key documents by using passwords an effecting physical security.

2.Avoid dumping of papers before shredding them

It is not advisable to dump any paper containing company information before establishing whether it is confidential or public. Shredded paper is very hard for anyone intending to get hold of the company information. The costs of gathering the shredded paper are very high and time consuming.

3.Maintaining high level of confidentiality

“It is very bad when I give information either on email or flash and let this information reach another third party who is not supposed to receive such information,” he cited. Confidential information should always be received by the intended parties and for the rightful purposes. This is the only strategy in ensuring IT security and its related dangers.

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