To overcome adversity and challenges: look at yourself

No one wants to be in a company of a complainer and folks
who are always asking for financial support or downloading
problems just after one respond with a hello. People want to
pick calls of folks who give them positive energy offer practical
insights, and provide growth opportunities.

The coronavirus times have changed the way we live. If you are finding it tough to survive, start by looking at yourself. Here is where to look:

  1. How are you healthy emotionally and spiritually? Assess you are emotionally healthy in terms of happiness, people in your life, security, and hope. Do you have people who truly love you in your life? Are you under quarantine or you are with loved ones? Are you feeling safe and secure or you are alone and frightened? Take stock of your emotional state of mind and accept your condition. You need to seek help if your emotional health is low.
  2. Physical fitness – are you feeling fit and happy? Are you comfortable with your looks and or personal appearances? After the lockdown, do you feel being loved or not? Have you put on more weight which has affected your confidence?
  3. Social skills – how do you fair? Do you have good social skills? You need to invest time in reading to learn new things and be able to start and sustain conversations that demonstrate your intellect.

You must take personal initiative to win. Now is the time to evaluate where you are lacking and do something about it. If you are weak emotionally in terms of hopelessness and lack of money, do something about it. Go out, and look for something to do. Knock on doors using social media, email, and phone calls. Invest time in learning a key skill like video editing or graphics – things which are always in demand and demonstrate your skills by doing a dummy or samples. Create hope. Contact your friends and family. You must look for hope from somewhere.

If your body is feeling too heavy, now is the time to do something about it. Go and exercise. Do something. Act.

You have a life to live. Do not just wish, take action.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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