Tool 82 of 104 is always express your gratitude

#Mindspark with Mr Strategy “This made Jesus say, ‘Were not all ten made clean? The other nine, where are they? It seems that no

#Mindspark with Mr Strategy

“This made Jesus say, ‘Were not all ten made clean? The other nine, where are they? It seems that no one has come back to give praise to God, except this foreigner.’”

The times we are living are not easy. Each one of you reading this must be thankful for being alive. I am happy that you make time to come to Church to thank God for the blessings of life and livelihood. But do you extend a helping hand to your less fortunate neighbours and or relatives?Each one of us is climbing a hill with heavy luggage on ourbacks. The hill gets steeper, and the luggage heavier with each passing day. Look at the leper as someone with sins or sickness or poverty and problems. Each one of us is always looking out for a helping hand to guide us to a better routewith smooth roads. To give us psycosocial support.Someone to give us a lift or to help reduce the load. Be that one person today.

Early in my career, around 2005, I made a mistake and resigned from my first job before getting another one. They say easy come go. I had performed very well in ACCA exams and was earning money as a tutor. Unknown to me, one of my students was a senior executive at one of the banks and loved my teaching style and grasp of the core management concepts.  Just like that, he said to me “Mugisa, here is my business card. If you want a job in banking, call and come to my office.” A week later, I made the call, and I became a banker. After a few years later, I just resigned. Big mistake.

I was on the harsh Kampala streets for two years, looking for a job, just any job in vain. One day, while talking with my friend, he said, “if you are not finding a job, why don’t you read books.” I loved the idea. As I moved to Aristoc bookshop on Kampala Road, I saw a lady selling books by the roadside. I went to the lady and scanned through all the books. I saw one titled: “The Greatness Within You”, by Less Brown. I picked the book up and felt something strange entering me… and was like this is a good sign. I moved to the lady to pay, and she said: Ugx. 60,000. I had only 40,000 including some for my transport. I bargained, to take it at Ugx. 30,000 she refused. She said I can give it to you at Ugx. 50,000. I explained that I need Ugx. 10,000 for my transport. The poor lady looked at me and said its ok. Take it. Good luck discovering your greatness.

Here she was a poor woman. She reduced the book by 50% just for me. My eyes started crying, but I turned back. You know, men are not supposed to cry. I did not want her to see me crying. But she said those five words, that made a whole difference: “Good lunck discovering your greatness.” I said, Amen and since then I never put that book down. I kept reading it and going over again and again, and I can attest, I found my greatness. A year later I got a job with a big four firm, I was sponsored to travel to South Africa and interacted with so many people. Eight years later, I travelled to Thailand and got the opportunity to speak with senior Red Cross leaders, thanks to having been appointed as a Technical Advisor to the Uganda Redcross Board to overcome the reputational challenges at the time. My mind went back to that woman who gave me direction, at the lowest time of my life.  I told my wife I want to thank that woman who said to me those magic words. My wife said, “when we return to Kampala, why don’t you look for her it has not been a long time.”

In Kampala, I went again to Kampala Road, and I did not find her. KCCA had chased away street vendors. I was disappointed. That is when it occurred to me, I was not supposed to find her, but to find you, reader. Good luck discovering your greatness.”

Do not be like the other nine lepers. Who upon being healed went away. Be like the Samaritan leper, who came back and expressed gratitude. Don’t wait too long to express gratitude, or else you will not find the person there. Social bonds are strengthened, and people love those who express gratitude as we learn from the Gospel of Luke 17:11-19.

If you can, think about the people who helped ease your load throughout your life. It could be your parents. Brothers. Fellow Christians or even the village Church. Go visit or call or send a letter. Express your gratitude. Great things will come your way. You will be healed. Happy Sunday.

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