Tools for winners: tool 1 – be organized with a priority list

Keep your items in sets. Remember that math topic about similar sets. Put your dresses in one corner. Books on the same subject in

Keep your items in sets. Remember that math topic about similar sets. Put your dresses in one corner. Books on the same subject in another section. And the keys to the different doors in their specific locations. Have the habit of putting your car keys in one same spot to save you time.

Above all, always be alert about items or things out of place. Pay attention to details. Take note of any item out of place and put it back. The fewer items on your desk, the more freedom you have away from confusion and noise.

To be organized, one must first be disciplined.

In the Extreme Ownership book, the author says, “discipline equals freedom.” When you have discipline, you create time and move faster where others procrastinate as they drag their feet and lose an advantage to progress.

The starting point of being disciplined is having rules, values, principles, and laws that guide your behaviour and responses to what happens to you. If you are driving and someone knocks your car from the bumper, do you stop, get out of the car, and shouting at the other driver? Or you take it calmly. Park on the side, check the damage and caution the other driver once you assess the damage could cost about Ugx. 50k or less to fix? It depends on what is material to you. For example, if it is nighttime, it may not be worth secure to even park aside and assess. You just count losses as you rev up your car engine and run from the trouble!

If you have principles of personal security, you are likely to continue driving unless the accident was very serious. However, if you lack any principle, you may easily react by stopping in the middle of the road, only to be ambushed and could be hurt more by the goons.

On a personal level, a daily priority list is a top tool to embrace. Just have a plain notebook, and each day write the top 3-6 targets to accomplish. At the end of the day, tick off what was attained and carefully examine what was not attained. Review the priority items for the following day, taking into consideration what was not achieved today.

Decide the time to begin the day. Is it at 5 am or 7 am? You begin with what? Do you read a book or pray or exercise or just relax and ponder or a mix of all? Consistency is the real winner.

To win, be organized. Have a timetable and a priority list. Be consistent with it and disciplined enough to hold yourself accountable to win.

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