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Ugandan women developing the country:

Recently the Ugandan top most powerful women have been in the news world wide, right from East Africa to Middle East. For example, the woman speaker of the Ugandan parliament Rebecca Kadaga won the chairpersonship to the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, international (CWP)

The Queen of Buganda and Toro’s queen mother have hosted over 40 queens and other powerful women in an African Queens and Women Cultural leaders Network conference held at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kampala.

According to the UN’s Eastern Southern Africa central director, Christine Musisi, if we begin to recognize empowered women as the missing link in our pursuit of prosperity, peace and unity, we will transform the way we plan and allocate resources. The UN believes that the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality is a driver of sustainable development, peace and democracy.

The Ugandan women are showing that Uganda has well empowered women ready to take on any form of development initiative. In my opinion, Uganda  appreciated women emancipation and is already reaping the benefits. The women are really marketing Uganda for the good cause. As seen in the recent conference, the level of advertising of the Uganda’s fabrics and culture was amazing. The tourism sector is also gaining a lot and the country is moving forward. We need more of such initiatives by more women because they haven proven clearly beneficial. Since the women have proven critical to development, I think if more girl child is trained, more benefits will accrue.1571

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