Ugandans are entitled to meet any public official on appointment

When did Ugandans start being required to beg for an appointment to meet a Ugandan public officer, in an office funded by taxpayers’ money in this year of our Lord, 2020!

This is ridiculous.

I can ‘swallow’ if you give me an appointment that is not ideal as a way of saying NO. For example, giving me an appointment to meet at mid-night or in three months’ time! But not to say “let me see whether you can be allowed to meet the Minister!” Being allowed is not a subject for discussion.

I have that right. I know people say, we should avoid ‘entitlement’ mentality.

When it comes to your constitutional rights or legal rights, you are entitled. Just check the “time when the Minister would be free”. And fix the appointment. And do not use a #Coronavirus excuse.

If offices are open, and you are going there, you can meet anyone.

Let everyone use their offices to support one another. That should be your outlook – an opportunity to help anyone who comes calling, does not call but you know they would benefit from your office, reach out to them, invite them. As a consultant, my credo is many of the people who need my services are out there but they do not know. It is my role to seek them out and ask them for permission to receive my help!

This is the same approach public officials should use: an opportunity to help. Let us know what you do? Let us know who you do it for? Be open to offering explanations and help.

Together we win.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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