Way of The Guerrilla Marketing For New Leads, Higher Sales Conversion And Client Retention

What kind of business are you in? How do you bring money on the table? Remember, regardless of your business, high turnover and sales

What kind of business are you in? How do you bring money on the table?

Remember, regardless of your business, high turnover and sales revenue is the lifeline to your business success. Cash flow to your business is like blood circulation in your body!


Once again: as a business leader; how do you bring money on the table?


The WayOfTheGuerrilla marketing and sales training is to help unlock your business to sell more on a shoe string budget.

Whatever business you are in, it is really a “marketing business.” As A Strategy and Risk expert, I have been through books after books and workshops and absolutely nothing comes close to the program I have carefully set up the WayOfTheGuerrilla marketing for higher leads, higher sales conversion rates and client retention. I learnt these tools from The Way of The Guerrilla Marketing training. I am happy to have made the investment. You too, will.

The Way of The Guerrilla Marketing Course will help you and your sales people pick up all the sales and profits most insurance agents and salespeople leave on the table.

  1. Are you happy with your current sales?
  2. Do you sometimes think your conversion rates are lower than your leads?
  3. Are your staff giving you more excuses for low lead conversion rates?
  4. Are you optimizing the power of the Internet to make more sales?
  5. Are your sales people incessantly calling/ emailing prospects and inconveniencing them instead of being called back to close the sale?
  6. Are worried about low client retention?

 It does not matter your current job description or kind of business, if you are unable to generate new sales, you are in a wrong business. Any business is about generating new clients and keeping old ones. In this training, I will discuss proven strategies to get new customers even on a shoe string budget. After all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to sale!


Level 1 – Building A Strong Foundation for Super Sales

Please note that each day is a one hour session. You have an option of doing the course in three days.

Day 1 – How guerrilla marketing can boost your sales and profits without spending a lot of money
Day 2- The 16 competencies of a super sales person for maximum results – plus how to sell your insurance policies through powerful stories and storytelling.
Day 3- Focusing your marketing efforts by creating your seven step guerrilla marketing plan


Level 2 –Your Guerrilla Marketing Attack Strategy

Day 4- 100 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons to Boost your leads and conversion rates. You will chose the ones ideal for your business. Whether you are in insurance business or telecoms, small SME or large financial institution, Mustapha’s WayOfThGuerrilla sales weapon are a must know and apply for sustained super sales
Day 5- Get More New Business By Presenting Yourself With Impact – master the art of public speaking
Day 6- Overcome Procrastination And Other Pitfalls By Fixing Your Marketing Blind spots
Day 7 – Exponentially Increase your Impact& New Leads By Using Fusion Marketing

Level 3 – Maintaining And Improving Your Attack

Day 9 – Get More Traffic And Convert More Sales With Online Marketing Superstar Secrets
Day 10 – Get More Sales with Less Effort Using the Power Of Leverage
Day 11- Guerrilla Marketing strategy, work plan documentation and attack strategy (per individual).

** Plus lots of resources to take your marketing to the next level – free sales letter templates, sample guerrilla marketing tools and free guerilla marketing handbook. You will improve your success! And lots of surprises.

The primary objectives shall be the following:

  1. To increase your sales skills and sales conversation; with measurable sales revenue increasing by 30% within 12 months of the training.
  2. Avoid irritating people with sales literature, incessant phone calls and emails; by becoming an irresistible provider everyone wants to work with.
  3. Create irresistible marketing weapons that bring more clients than push them away.
  4. Sell more, on a small budget
  5. Master the sales process – create instant connection with strangers; become irresistible; make a pipeline and close the sale with ease
  6. Bring money on the table so that you don’t have to worry about paying bills. It feels good to have customers looking for you, right?


There are several options to achieve your project objectives above, as shown in the table below:

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