#WayOfTheGuerrilla: what is your sales focus? Part 2 of 7

The kind of decisions you take can make or fail your business. As an entrepreneur, what is your focus? As a follower of the

The kind of decisions you take can make or fail your business. As an entrepreneur, what is your focus? As a follower of the #WayofTheGuerrilla, for super sales, where do you put your effort? Regardless of business or professionalism, marketing and sales are one is the number one skill you need to develop in your life. When it comes to your career and business, where do you put a lot of strength and focus?

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Do you focus your business effort on generating sales, or costcutting, creating networks or breaking bridges? Remember, whatever you choose to focus on be it in your career or business, you need to specialize so that people know you are a champion for a given cause which is going to be the next big thing for your business.

Today, the in-thing or breakthrough idea is agency banking. How are you positioning yourself in any financial institution so that you are championing agency banking? Mobile banking has been a disruption for business. How are you positioning your skills in terms of programming to create APIs (application programming interfaces)that enable interconnection with other businesses?

When we talk about career focus, we are looking at a scenario whereby when given a plot of land; do you get a specific space/site and construct a pit latrine of 50 feet or get so many sites and construct pit latrines of 15 feet each scattered? An intelligent person will construct one pit latrine of 50 feet. This is a strategic and better use of scarce resources.

This demonstrates why it is very important to specialize. Go deep into something and become a master for whom others will follow and look up to. Once you create a brand in a given environment, you become the champion. You have an anchor flagship brand in terms of what you are known for. Then you become a change agent whom others want to associate with just like the way everyone wants to be close to Bobi Wine. He identified certain things and said he wants to be an MP. When you do something like that and put all your effort, you get it easily.

As you make your life priorities, identify the biggest problem for your boss, peers, supervisors and put your effort to it. Become a leader to champion it. That is what it means to follow the #WayofTheGuerrilla. You must have the discipline of going deep into something and marketing yourself to be known as the expert.

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