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“We’ve a strategy”, UTL clarifies

I just received a clarification from UTL’s m-sente manager (041433377x) in response to my earlier post today titled. UTL still doesn’t get it.

According to the manager, the concerns raised in my article are founded, specifically the recommendation that UTL should encourage customers to pay for UTL services using m-sente by giving them discounts and prizes.
He said, “We are in a transition process. We have had to upgrade our mobile money platform to make it more robust and interoperable. The recommendations you’ve made are in our plan, and we shall start rolling them out in the first quarter of 2014. So, we have a strategy.”

Most telecoms are said to have experienced challenges of system upgrades in response to high update of mobile money than earlier anticipated. These ‘on-going’ upgrades have been costly and is said to have been a fraud risk factor especially by some dubious vendors providing the mobile money platform.

I am happy with UTL’s responsiveness and timely clarification.

Let’s wait what happens next year. I will update you in May 2014, whether one is able to use m-sente to pay for their UTL services. And whether prompt notifications are sent before service expiry, something I think, UTL should be in position to provide NOW given their level of infrastructure.

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