What is next after University?

What is next after University? Welcome to life exams. Can you start a business? can you find a job and succeed at work? What skills do you have that can easily bring you money?

The fact is the majority of IT finalists cannot even look after a company computer assigned to them! It clocks 5 pm, and someone just walks away from their working station off to their evening errands. They cannot even power down the computer properly, organize their workstation, plan for what to do the following day and check-in with their supervisor on how to win.

Clearly, University prepares graduates for government kind-of-jobs where the rewards for excellence and attention to detail is not apparent. People can make wastages, losses and lots of mistakes under the backing of the taxpayers.

For that reason, a friend of mine said, many people want the first job in government because they have the opportunity to make several mistakes without reprimand. You have seen Ministers committing taxpayer’s money by signing agreements which turn loss-making. However, no one gets reprimanded for losses made!

The fact is the biggest employer is the private sector. But it is sensitive to losses. Unfortunately, today’s graduates have a steep learning curve implying that the employer incurs lots of costs per new graduate recruited in the first year. Few people are ready to take on such a risk.

After University, you face the life exams – the ultimate test of resilience and understanding. No shortcuts. No excuses.

Of course, some people have hacked life exams. These are people in positions they don’t have requisite skills and experience. The end results are poor services. The good news is you cannot keep that you don’t deserve.

After graduation, you go through the furnace – street life. Waking up early to find something to do, just anything gives the experience of a lifetime. Some people who get job placements directly from University tend to take their work for granted.

Some months on the streets looking for a job provides certain stability and maturity to university graduates.

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