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Why this Mbarara Hotel may not be breaking even yet!

I am in Mbarara for two day, business. Usually, I give myself the best since I must be comfortable to work optimally.

After a swift three and a half 220 Kilometer journey from Kampala, I branched to this hotel on the left. They told me it is great. The building looks great, and the reception too.

My global trotting experience is that hotels housed in new buildings are usually better than those in old buildings. Lots of ‘ghosts’ are always lurking in those old structures – smell, insets and general dirt.

Fee, US $100 a night.  That’s a cool Ugx, 380,000 bucks. Ouch! May be it is worth the bill.

The first time I traveled business class, after all economy seats had been sold out, I enjoyed the experience and now always coughs that extra buck for the great opportunities and comfort it comes with.

Side note: when I was still an amateur, I used to reason “in case of anything, we are all in the same plane. Now I know why experience is the better teacher. You can only learn the secret when you experience it.”

Now after paying, my US $100, the room is just too basic.

No tooth brush. Stomach like, small screen TV. Only two pre-selected cable channels in local dialects. No sandals in the room. No water, though there is a small fridge in the room. Surprise, surprise. The only thing in the room is a small knife! The only thing they offer complementary is wi-fi internet.

Unfortunately, my cyber security background advises to always avoid free hot spots. I’ve my on modem for the job.

As I check out this morning to try another place, I leave unsatisfied man.

No wonder this hotel’s occupancy this night could have been just 40%.  And if they have a higher than 30% retention rate, they are lucky. No hotel I have visited can offer this kind of service and survive.

Not even provision of an extension cable on request can be availed! It is unfortunate.

If I were the owner, I would seriously investigate the state of affairs by conducting an independent business review to assess the current conditions. Thereafter, make changes.

Checking out to work. I will check into another hotel later in the evening.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2015. All rights reserved.

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