#WinningMindspark Mr. Strategy’s ideas to help you win in 2020

It is just 12 days to the new year. Here are 15 insights to help you thrive. Print and pin on your bedroom wall.

It is just 12 days to the new year. Here are 15 insights to help you thrive. Print and pin on your bedroom wall. Read it daily.

    1. Let spoilt milk be. Never live in the past. Learn the lessons and move on.
    2. Do not try to be good to everyone. Make your daily priorities to be happy and know that when you do the right thing there are people who will hate you.
    3. Read a new book to gain fresh perspectives. Remember, it is not what you own BUT what you have in your head that prepares you for a brighter future.
    4. When in doubt, assume you are on your own.
    5. No condition is permanent. Do not be too fixated on things. People you thought are your great friends will move on. Your children will get married or marry. And you will soon get tired of your ‘current’ nice car. Focus on living NOT on things and people.
    6. Go run. Jog. Hit the gym. Play. If you are eating and not sweating, your health equation is not balancing. Go find some sweat.
    7. Forgive and ignore those who hate you. This frees your mind to focus on what makes you grow.
    8. Not everyone who says NO to you has the power to have said YES. When it comes to making requests, seek out people with power to say YES and or NO, Most of the time, people who say NO to you, don’t have the powers to say YES! We call such people gatekeepers. They should never discourage or kill your dreams.
    9. As you progress and succeed more in your career, you will attract more enemies and haters. Focus on doing good. Even Jesus Christ had enemies. It is a sign of becoming an outlier.
    10. The Internet is like a knife. It can be used to do good or hurt people. You have a choice of what to use the Internet for. Chose well.
    11. Learn to be grateful. Celebrate small successes.
    12. Try to visit new places with the same person or old places with different people. When you travel, try to find out new things – the kitchen, penthouses, test drive exotic cars, etc. Do not fear. Just go and check it out. That is called dreaming while awake.
    13. if it did not work in 2019, stop doing it. Try someone new.
    14. Praying without action is useless. Take action and then pray. Don’t pray for a child before you find a partner!
    15. Empower people to carry their own weight. That is the objective of parenting and mentoring. When climbing a mountain, anyone who fails to move up must first let their back bags go. And when they fail to make it, they are left along the way. To get ahead, you must let go. To stand up, you must remove your buttocks from the chair.

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