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Your DESTINY revolves around YOU

Over the 10 years I have been working in various institutions among the many lessons I learnt is to always recall that it is YOU and YOU alone that shapes and fulfills your destiny.

Don’t come to work because your friend goes to work, don’t come to work early because your C.E.O has challenged you to come to work early, don’t come to work because it is the trend whereby after graduating from university or college you know the next step is to find a job.

Come to work because of YOU and YOU alone. Where YOU want to be in the next 30 years starts with YOU not with your colleague at work, nor with your C.E.O or manager, not even with your parents or guardian. What you decide to do today at your work place in the stipulated time directly impacts on your TOMORROW. Believe me, your C.E.O and manager may not be there to monitor you directly but you are your own SUPERVISOR. You supervise your next 30 years by what you do today.

Whatever your C.E.O, Manager, Parents, Guardians, Spouses, Children and Friends and colleagues at work do or say to you is only to help you get equipped with qualities of how you can fulfill your desired destiny. Their role in your journey of SUCCESS starts when you meet them and ends when you leave them. All the above parties have a limit to your destiny, today it’s one C.E.O, tomorrow it’s another and the same goes for colleagues at work, and all these come with different traits. That’s why it all comes back to YOU.

It is wise to always remember WHO you are, WHERE you are coming from and WHERE you are heading. HOW far you have reached in your journey is definitely key, HOW prepared for the remaining journey is paramount.

A group of many employees may say “we are used to such talks and briefings, and even laugh it off” but one thing I know is that in those many, one, if not the group leader will take heed of the briefs deep in his heart and leave you to stray. So be aware that it is YOU and YOU alone.

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