Your Success Weekly Memo: don’t be selfish!

Issue 003/ vol. 01 Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last. The more you teach

Issue 003/ vol. 01

Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last. The more you teach others, the more you learn it better”, (Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Red Circle).

For Your Success is a weekly memo, which provides great value, insights and thought leadership for your success. It focuses on new thinking and cutting edge insights to help you optimize your talents and grab any opportunities by leveraging technology and resources present. Regardless of your profession or career, you will find For Your Success a great resource giving you ideas to transform your life to greater success – M.B.Mugisa.

This week’s insight: How do you feel when someone call or visits you and expresses appreciation for the favor you did to them in the past? How do you feel? Annoyed? Or do you get motivated and feel a sense of fulfillment.

Me too.

Last week, something special happened. One of my former staff came and expressed appreciation for the advise and training I gave him while working with me. “He said, Mustapha you helped me focus and see the world clearly. I am happy for being my role model. Here is my wife to be, and I thought we come and see you for insights on living happily. Your advise on hard work and going the extra mile in any job, has helped me get recognized at my work place, and I’ve been promoted, and will be travelling to the US for more specialized training. I am the first on this arrangement. I also brought you a small gift. I hope you accept it, as it is from the bottom of my heart. Don’t look at its value, look at my intentions.”

I was speechless. It is this feeling of having helped a folk that matters. I don’t know about you, and which things you hold dear. What I know is you need to impact on your community in one way or the other. So how many folks have you helped succeed to date? You obviously meet and work with many people. How many have you empowered (within your means) to succeed. That is the difference between a leader and A LEADER. Are you the latter?

Your Success Tip: Always find a way of improving the other person. Give them new insights. Teach them about your experiences so that they don’t repeat the same mistakes. Make it easy for them to succeed, so that they make it easy for you. Keep teaching others about your ways so that when you are old and unable to do it all, you have someone to help you and your dependents. That is called investment.  Keep teaching others and giving that angel hand. Most of the time, you lose nothing to help.

© Mustapha Mugisa, 2013.

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